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The deterioration of electrical equipment is normal, and this process begins as soon as the equipment is installed.
If deterioration is not checked, it can cause electrical failurew and malfunctunes. Load changes or circuit alterations may be made without overall design coordination, which can result in improper selection of equipment, wrong trip devices installed in the circuit. The purpose of an electrical preventive maintenance and testing program should be to recognize these factors and provide means for correcting them.
A well- organized and implemented maintenance program minimizes accidents, reduces unplanned shutdowns, and lengthens the mean time between failures of electrical equipment.

Maintenance strategy

1. Time – based maintenance

2. Condition- based maintenanace

3.Reliability centered maintenance

4. Maintenance of the Electrical power equipment to be done

4.1. Power transformer

4.2. Oil analysis of power transformer

4.3. H.V & M.V Circuit breaker

4.4. H.V Disconnector / earthing switch

4.5. Reactor test and maintenance

4.7. H.V & M.V Instrument transformer

4.8. H.V & M.V Surge arrester

4.9. M.V Switchgear panels

4.10. DC low voltage panels/ battary and rectifier

4.11. Power factor correction panels

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